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Postby readerc54 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:21 am

a447 wrote:But is over 50% just a coincidence?

I think not but allow me to offer another hypothesis. Could it be that guys so equipped select this job opportunity because it matches their qualifications? Like someone with the natural ability to throw curve ball is drawn to baseball or as tall and coordinated guys might be to basketball.

It's a natural fit, so to speak.

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Postby a447 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:25 am

For a number of years I had a regular guy with whom I spent every day of my 4 annual holidays in Pattaya. I met him when he worked at Eros. He them moved to Sunny Boys. After that bar closed down he went back home and I didn't see him for over a year. I became a butterfly again.

For me, he's perfect in every way. Very shy, quiet, polite...the list goes on. He's very handsome and, of course, has that beautiful Thai smile that charms the socks off me. And that body! So slim, with skin as smooth as silk. Oh, and that big, fat cock that rises to the occasion at the slightest touch.

He's got it all.

Many bar boys moved to other businesses in Sunee when Sunny Boys closed. One of them works at Tingtong Red. When I ran into him one evening the first thing he told me was that my boy was back in Pattaya. On a later visit that evening to Eros, many boys told me the same thing. They all knew we were a couple.

Yesterday he contacted me. Twenty minutes later we were hugging each other outside my hotel.

Up in the room we had so much catching up to do. He told me after Sunny Boys closed he went to Korat where he worked for a year in a curtain hotel - as a cleaner. He said many Thai guys just threw the used condoms onto the floor. A couple of times he said he trod on one and got cum between his toes. Yuk!!!

He earned 9000 baht per month and for that he had to work 14 hours a day. When the owner upped his salary to 10,000 he was on call 24 /7. He's left soon after.

He now freelances and works a few nights a week in a beer bar in Jomtien Complex, along with his younger brother.

A couple of days ago he applied for a job at Boyzboyzboyz. At the interview he said he was told he needed to bulk up and was told he would have to work out. Oh, and yes, they checked the size of his cock and apparently, were very impressed. (As they would be.) They didn't actually measure it; they just asked him to go to the toilet and get hard, took a good look at it and told him he was size 54 condom. They said he could start working that day.

But he found it difficult because he doesn't have any friends there and he said he didn't feel like he belonged. It was not his scene.

I suggested he could be part of the big cock show, knowing full well what he'd say.

"No. Cannot. Too shy."

I then said he could be one of their coyote dancers. Apparently, they earn 15,000 baht per month, but once again, he said he was too shy to appear on stage in his underwear. This guy is a real tiger in bed, but I remember that when he was working in the gogo bars he always looked a bit uncomfortable.

He's still thinking about whether or not to work at BBB.

Enough chatting. We got down to business.

Nothing had changed. As in the past, I still found it difficult to bottom because his cock is so thick, but it's amazing what liberal amounts of KY can do. He's also into trying out various positions.

Sadly, he doesn't rim. Lol

Time for the chuck wow. I'd forgotten that he likes to cum on me. He asked me where so I said on my stomach would be just fine.

Something else I'd forgotten - his cumshot. OMG!! This is exactly what I've been dying to see.

This guy doesn't just cum - he explodes and cum sprays everywhere. The first shot flew over my head and hit the wall and the bedhead. Luckily, I quickly closed my eyes as I got a bit of an unexpected facial. He finished with a few very powerful squirts on my neck and chest - and the sheets and pillow. He missed my stomach altogether. He then collapsed on top of me, totally spent. That's what you get when you are young and don't cum for three days.

We lay there, glued together in a sticky mess.

We showered and then headed over to Central Festival for dinner at the Fuji Japanese restaurant, followed by coffee at Starbucks. Exactly like before.

This guy is not your typical gogo boy - he's up with all the latest news. Among other topics, we discussed Trump's attitude to China (!), Japanese prime minister Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor (!!) and the price of gold(!!!). We also covered Aleppo and Muslim migration into Germany. Oh, and Philippines president Duterte. Amazing. His English grammar is all over the place but he has a large and varied vocabulary. And he has Google Translate.

We then came back to my room for round two. As expected, the cumshot wasn't quite as spectacular, but this time I remembered to take the pillows off the bed before he lay on his back for the finish. By normal standards, it was still very impressive indeed, but he still looked a little sheepish.

Mai pen rai! We can try again tomorrow.

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Postby a447 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:27 am

The transformation of Jomtien Complex has been truly amazing.

Last time I visited for dinner the place was dead - virtually in total darkness. Now the soi which has the Venue at one end is really jumping, all lit up and with tables and chairs spilling out of the bars and into the soi. I've never seen so many customers in such a short stretch, Boyztown excepted.

I went there with my boy as he works on and off in one of the bars, along with his brother. He sat down in his bar and I went for a wander up and down. As expected, lots of guys - Cambodian and Lao, as has been reported here - rushed up to me to invite me to sit down. If I were alone I could have lots of fun here. Well, at least tonight. I wonder if it is this busy every night. Probably not.

I actually wanted to go over to BBB but my friend wasn't too keen to go. The manager would ask him why he hasn't turned up for work.

For me, the superstar of BBB is not to be found amongst those designated by the bar to occupy that lofty position. To be honest, I don't find any of them particularly attractive. I've got my eyes on a guy I first described last year. At that time he was number 77, if memory serves me correctly. I described him as the axe murderer - I meant that in the nicest possible way, of course.

He had a raw, masculine, wild look - as though he'd stepped out of the Amazon jungle and flown all the way to Pattaya. Of course, he had actually stepped out of a rice field in Isaan and caught the bus here.

In those days he hardly every smiled and he looked positively fierce and intimidating. But when he smiled...OMG! He was gorgeous. His toned body and massive appendage made me go weak at the knees.

He's still there but now smiles a lot more often. But he's quite elusive; one minute he's on stage and the next he's gone. Gone where?

He appears in the big cock show, sporting a truly magnificent example of Isaan manhood. It's way too big for me - there's no way I'd be bending over to take that monster.

A couple of nights ago he stepped down from the stage during the big cock show and gave me a feel. He wasn't wearing a condom, so I actually got to touch the real thing. I could hardly get my hand around it. I flashed 100 baht and in return he flashed me a smile. Heaven.

But I won't be offing him. For one, he's hardly ever there and secondly, I'll leave him for the ladies, who he would much rather spent time with.

If BBB thinks it needs designated bar stars (it doesn't), it should choose its more carefully to cater not only for the Chinese women, but also for those who admire raw, unadulterated masculinity.

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Postby a447 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:07 pm

I'm sitting here all alone in my room, wondering if I've made the right decision.

After sex we always go to dinner and then to Starbucks where we sit and chat. Last night over coffee I told him that I needed to take a break from sex (honestly, I did!) as I was feeling very drained. He understood completely. No sex tonight, but we'd resume tomorrow. I figured that if I took a short break - just missing one session - it would enable me to get completely back on track.

On the baht bus back from Jomtien Complex, the other passengers got off along the way and we suddenly found ourselves alone. We sat and cuddled and got a bit touchy-feely.

Back in the room we quickly showered and jumped into bed. Any thoughts of ever taking a break from sex with him disappeared once I had my lips around that magnificent cock.

By now, he has also had a lot of sex so there is no way he's going to hit the wall behind the bedhead. But he still has a massive orgasm and he still manages to produce a prodigious amount of cum, so all is not lost.

When we had finished, however, I told him that there would definitely not be an afternoon session ; I really needed to recover. This happens every holiday - the further I get into a trip the more exhausted become and the longer it takes to "get ready." No surprises there.

So here I am now, horny as hell, wondering if I can hold out till this evening.

I thought I might just wander over to say hello to my massage boy. Then I remembered he won't be there today - he's having a big clean-up at home.

So I might take a walk over to Tukom. Just to look at the Apple store, of course.

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Postby a447 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:19 am

As expected, it was all happening last night in Sunee - well, at least from Ting Tong Red, which held a massive NYE party up with a show, up to Eden bar. And Double Shot and the facing beer bars were also doing well. The area up ftom Eden, around Eros, was in darkness but I'm sure Eros would have had a party going on inside.

I wanted to go over to Boyzboyzboyz but my friend was uncomfortable with that idea for the reason outlined above. So we hung around in Sunee having a drink.

We decided to have sex before midnight and cum when the clock struck 12. Unfortunately, we were still 69'ing when the new year was rung in and missed our chance.

Oh well, something to aim for next year.

All I can say is, thank god for the noise outside, as having sex in this hotel is a very noisy affair. The bed squeaks at the slightest movement, as does the bedhead. When he hits his stride - eyes closed, a picture of concentration as he pounds me relentlessly - the noise is deafening and I'm sure it can be heard out in the soi. I'm on the first floor so no doubt those sitting downstairs in the bar also get an earful.

But who cares? We are all engaged in the same activity, only at different times of the day and night.

Tonight after coffee we headed back and I told him I was going to go over to Goodboys, so he went home for a while.

It seems that punters have at last discovered this bar and its delights. The place was packed - all the seating behind the screens was occupied. And guess what! The customers were just about all Chinese! Where the fuck did they all suddenly appear from??

I was worried that the boys would all be chuck wowed out, as it was late. But not to worry. Chet was sitting with a customer but saw me approaching and yelled out to Nuu, who jumped up and grabbed me.

We went behind the screen and managed to secure our usual seat. But it was a bit uncomfortable at first, surrounded by so many interested on-lookers. But again, who cares?

After we'd finished, he lay in my arms and savoured the moment for a few minutes. Then off to the toilet to clean up and back onto the sofa and into my arms again for some more down time. He gently kissed me as he stroked my leg. I just love this guy!

Chet was next. As we were about to begin, a group of Filipino guys came behind the screen and sat on the sofas next to us. Chet felt a bit uncomfortable so we moved to the other side of the screen which was now unoccupied.

Chet has discovered a new wanking technique - running his fingers through his pubic hair. So that's what I did. Oh, and don't forget he likes it quick. Grab it and just go for it.

He'd only had one other customer, just after the bar opened, so I had expectations of a big finish but that was not to be.

Like Nuu, he loves a kiss and a cuddle. I wonder if it's because it's something these guys have never experienced from their father.

Just a thought.

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Postby a447 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:46 pm

My Pattaya trip has finished and it's time to move on.

As always I've had a great time with my friend who I spent most of the day with the last week or so. The sex has been awesome and despite the frequency, he performed like a real stud, always hard and always willing to please. And then, of course, there's that magnificent, powerful cumshot with which he drenched the pillows - and often our faces - every time. And I did get to enjoy the one time he managed to spray the wall behind the bed. OMG!!

Last night over coffee we were having a chuckle about how we spend our time together and how we've well and truly settled into our familiar routine :

-he arrives at 3
-coffee on hotel patio while room is cleaned
-go to room to watch t.v, chat, internet etc
-off to Central Festival for dinner
-go to Starbucks to chat for an hour
-back to Sunee for a few drinks
-see you same time tomorrow

Even the sex follows a particular routine :

-I get on my knees on the floor at the end of the bed, he lies with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed, resting his feet on my thighs and I give his beautiful cock a long, slow workout. I love watching his facial expressions when my tongue hits the spot and he starts writhing on the bed in ecstacy.
-he reciprocates
-he fucks me
-final 69 and chuck wow session

Well aware of the power imbalance between us, I make sure he's involved in all the decision-making, whether it be what to eat for dinner or what position he wants to fuck me in.

Last night over coffee he told me more about his start in the sex industry.

He comes from Chiang Mai and found himself, at the tender age of 17, slogging his guts out on a construction site, building houses. For that he got paid the princely sum of 150 baht per day.

He ended up throwing that in and got a job in a restaurant. But the hours were very long and the pay was poor.

Then one day, someone told him he was wasting his time in Chiang Mai - he'd never make any money there. But there was a goldmine called Pattaya waiting for him. The catch was, it was a gay bar and he was 110% straight.

But the money sounded almost too good to be true so he decided to go, managing to persuade a friend to go with him.

He started off in Happy Boys, all those years ago. He's very shy and so walked into the bar on his first night wearing his underpants under his little skirt - the same skirt they wear in Eros. The boss told him he had to remove them so he did, but then tried to sit down as much as possible, as standing up allowed customers full view of his crown jewels.

A farang entered the bar and immediately chose him. His first customer!

The guys in the bar had told him earlier that everything would be ok and not to worry, but he froze when the farang lifted his skirt and grabbed his cock. In those days he didn't speak English but he knew what was on the farang's mind when he kept pointing to the room upstairs. After being reassured by one of the boys that it would be ok, he made his way up and the farang chuck-wowed him. The experience wasn't at all bad.

And the farang tipped him 1000 baht!!

He was hooked. He'd hardly ever seen so much money and here it was in his hot little hand. All his. He was rich!! And he had earned it in around 10 minutes! And he'd had an orgasm, to boot! What's not to like?

But that was merely the beginning as in the first week he made thousands. And it's easy to see why. Even at age 27 he has a smile that will melt your heart, so I can just imagine what he must have been like at 17. Absolutely stunning.

His first off came soon after. He went to a farang's condo but again, it was only for a chuck-wow. More easy money. Not long after that he fucked a guy for the first time. At first he wasn't sure he could do it but once he got his cock inside and started fucking him, he was off and running. He loved it. Unlike the lucky farang on the end of his cock, he never looked back, so to speak.

And that's the other secret to his success - he can not only perform gay sex, he actually enjoys it. In bed he's a total suck, fuck and chuck slut with no hint of his innate shyness on show. Ok, he's straight so don't expect much affection - if you're into passionate kissing, he's not your man. He saves his affection for his girlfriend.

He was recruited to work in another Sunee bar - it's still there - and although he continued to rake in the cash, he left because the bar was run by the Thai Mafia, or so he says, and he didn't like the presence of underage boys. Also, the boss treated the guys very harshly and always managed to find something to fine them for. And of course, mama-san took a cut of every baht the boys made.

So he started work at Eros, where he remained for many years. By now he was used to the work and inside the bar he lost a lot of his shyness.

Those early days were times of almost untold wealth for him. He had more money than he knew what to do with and spent like drunken sailor - 3000~4000 baht a night! Life was an endless party with lots of alcohol, girls, expensive restaurants, slot machines, etc. And of course he had the latest tech and lived in a very nice room.

It was while working at Eros that he suggested his younger brother come down from Chiang Mai to work.

One night I went to Eros to pick my guy up and he introduced me to him. Eros is a hands-on, cock in your face bar, and I found it difficult to believe two brothers could work in front of each other like that . I called him over to buy him a drink and give him a tip - nice to keep the money in the family - but I didn't want to touch him in front of his older brother. But not too worry ; he smiled and put my hand on his cock, which was soon pointing at the ceiling.

The brothers didn't speak much with each other but after a short conversation between them, my friend told me his brother wanted a chuck -wow.

- What, now? Here? In front of you?
- Sure. He want chuck-wow. No probrem.

What surprised me most was that the older brother sat next to us and watched, even commenting on his brother's cumshot. I felt strangley uncomfortable.

Both boys moved to Sunny Boys, along with the original friend who had accompanied him to Pattaya all those years ago. Their friendship is very one-sided as this guy is quickly drinking himself to an early grave. Whenever he sees my friend he always asks for money, and yet he almost never turns up for work; he's on permanent holiday! He recently got fired from Tingtong Red and moved to the Elephant Plaza bar. He rushed up to us, invited itself to sit down and then asked my friend if he'd mind allowing him to have sex with me tonight as his rent money was due! He's a real leech, but it was he who first introduced me to my partner so I am indebted to him for that. But my indebtedness has limits.

Luckily, he has some other friends, all from Chiang Mai and all lovely guys just like him. We ran into one of them last night; it was his first night working at Tingtong Red. Going on 30, lookling 21 and an absolute stunner. If I weren't with my guy, I'd be with him. Hopping into bed with him would be a dream come true.

Needless to say, my friend's days of rolling in money have long gone. After Sunny Boys closed he went to work at a curtain hotel in Korat. He returned this year to Pattaya for the high season and got a job first at Boyzboyzboyz and then at Dreamboys. He left Dreamboys because they didn't have any customers. He's got a job in a bar in Jomtien Complex but has decided to return to Korat the day after tomorrow where he has a job working on a fish farm. It pays much better money and is quite easy.

I'll be seeing him on my next trip when he'll be coming down to Pattaya to spend my holiday with me.

BTW, I stayed at the Elephant Plaza Hotel and was quite happy there. The room is large, as is the shower / toilet. And for me the location is perfect, preferring as I do the more down to earth boys of Sunee to the guys in Boyztown. The only problem is the noise the bed makes when fucking, and the huge, grotesque pink sofa that has never been cleaned -the whole thing is held together with cum stains.

Now, back to Bangkok.

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Postby Undaunted » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:03 pm

a447, you do tell the best stories and your discription of how the guys came to Pattaya would be worthy of it's own chapter in "Cocktail Boys".
"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

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Postby Alex » Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:22 pm

Great reports and especially your description of your friend's Pattaya career was a very interesting read, thanks a lot! :)

So, I take it that you finally got your glasses?

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Postby a447 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:21 pm

Yes, I did but in some way it's 20000 baht down the drain. First, the lenses do not focus properly and secondly, the glasses won't stay on my head. If I look down they fall off! Lol

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Postby jason105 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:04 am

There's something to be said for making it a habit to "always look up!"

Thanks again for the really interesting reports.

all the best

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