No Personal Attacks!!!

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No Personal Attacks!!!

Post by Gaybutton »

I posted this on another thread and I'm going to repeat it here:

I need to remind people that I am not going to tolerate any personal attacks. Not any, no matter how mild, no matter to whom they are directed, no matter for what reason, no matter who posts them. Today I have either deleted or edited out portions of several posts that contained personal attacks. If you have something personal to say to someone, do it on a PM.

I think I've said this enough times that the message ought to be getting through. Apparently a few people think they are either exceptions or justified in breaking the rules. If that is what they think, they're wrong.

Now I will try one more time before carrying it to the next level:

No Personal Attacks!

If you think I don't mean you, please feel free to send me an PM and ask.

Folks, nearly all of my moderating time today has been dealing with attack posts. That is not going to continue. I have other things to do. I'm not going to let that happen on this board, period! It's the first item in "The Rules" and I've stated it many times.

From now on, I am going to treat attack posts as if they are deliberate violations of the rules. There are no exceptions. You are going to have to find ways of stating your opinion without attacking someone to do it.

I hope I've made myself clear and I hope I don't have to use my "Iron Fist" to convince anyone I mean business about this.


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