Thai logic at its best

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Thai logic at its best

Post by Gaybutton »

Pattaya motorcyclists think Covid-19 a free pass to drive like idiots

By Jetsada Homklin

March 23, 2020

According to Pattaya’s bad drivers, because of the coronavirus they should no longer be ticketed for risking their lives and others.

Rather than wear helmets, get a license, drive on the correct side of the road and not speed, motorcyclists stopped at a police checkpoint on Thepprasit Road at the Kheha Weekend Market March 21 blamed the police for enforcing traffic laws and writing them tickets.

The bad-driver logic goes like this: Yes, we know we’re breaking the law, but we don’t have any money now because of business closures and tourist departures due to the coronavirus. So we should be given a pass.

More than 3,200 people were killed on Thailand’s roads already this year, the overwhelmingly majority on motorbikes. Meanwhile, only one Thai has died from Covid-19.

Story and photos: ... ots-292338

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Re: Thai logic at its best

Post by Undaunted »

Not to worry. There is too much money to be made from drivers :!:
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Re: Thai logic at its best

Post by Dodger »

I'm sure the BIB will be writing more tickets than ever before...but not due to an increase in bad drivers...but because nobody has the tea money to pay them right now.

I imagine some of the traffic police didn't even carry pencils in their pockets before this virus came along.

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Re: Thai logic at its best

Post by Trongpai »

Motorbikes going the wrong way and running red lights are not unusual in Bangkok or anyplace in Thailand but for some reason they are really running amuck now. Traffic is very light but more erratic. Mostly motorbikes but not limited to them. You have to give a wide berth to taxis as well.

I can't explain why a pandemic is causing reckless driving, but in two short trips for essentials it was clearly apparent.

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