PM Declares Nationwide Curfew

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Re: PM Declares Nationwide Curfew

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Jun wrote:
Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:48 pm
Obviously we risk a low death rate, which is very unpleasant.
Some might be very critical of this approach, but it must be compared with the alternatives. The eventual consequence of shutting the global economy down is more deaths and suffering from other reasons.
Though you are rather consumed with what happens here in Thailand, as a resident of the UK are you prepared to volunteer as a potential casualty :?:
"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

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Re: PM Declares Nationwide Curfew

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This guy is well informed and is saying what some other leaders should be saying:
"The bigger the group that acquires immunity, the smaller the chance that the virus can make the leap to vulnerable older people or people with underlying health issues"
Mark Rutte
Dutch Prime Minister, 16 March 2020

Now I'm in my 50s. Mortality rate from COVID is just over 1%. I need to adjust that up for being male, then adjust it back down for no known underlying conditions and having a very reasonable BMI. So maybe 0.5~1%.

For now, I'm being rather careful, as I figure that if I got a bad case of COVID, the hospitals would be somewhere near peak demand by the time I needed treatment. Adding one more to that is neither good for society nor for me.

However, once we're past that point, I may well ease up on personal restrictions.

Looking a few months ahead, it may well get to the state where travel options exist, but health insurance and overseas care for COVID might not be a deterrent. For example, would I really want to go somewhere like Myanmar or Cambodia whilst COVID is still present ? Or even Thailand, if my travel insurance would not cover COVID treatment ?
So having a mild case of COVID might not be a bad idea, for the immunity. Of course, how to get a mild case is the question, as there have been cases of relatively young medical staff dying from COVID. Some theories suggest you want a low initial dose of the virus, so the body has time to respond. If that is credible, they really need to understand that better and quickly.

Incidentally, I heard they already conducted some trials on macaques, who were deliberately infected with the virus. They all got antibodies and they attempted to infect them again 1 month later. This shows they have AT LEAST short term immunity. Now if they can do that kind of trial on macaques, how about trying large and small doses of virus on a fresh set of them ?

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