The Phillipines

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Kanemidlands wrote:I am told that right now there are many gay farang customers in the Filipino bars.
Tourism numbers to the Philippines is nowhere near the numbers to Thailand. Gay tourists even fewer, verging on the non-existent. Is it a local guy telling you that? If so, has he seen the Thai scene? If he hasn't, then "many" to him may been something quite different. You might ask him whether 2 farangs in a club with 60 Pinoys counts as "many".


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Post by Jason1988 »

The Philippines is a fun place to go as a tourist. Most everything is fairly cheap, with the exception of hotels.
You'll find it is easy to meet guys there and there is no language barrier...well, almost none.
Tourism is somewhat disorganized but if you go with a local, everything seems to be very smooth.


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I was in the Phillipines Christmas and New Year. Was in Makati, Manila which is the centre of gay life and the main bars! Then on to Boracay. Bars in Makati are small and no go go etc. If you go to the bars where the money guys are you will be fighting with women to get the guy of your dreams! Over the top expensive when you compare with Thailand. On the plus side Gayromeo and Manjam are very very busy! lots and lots of guys.....shit way to spend your holiday though...


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Post by bobsaigon »

Reports from a friend who has been on the island of Cebu for a week make it sound incredibly attractive. Yes, there are MB's but also there are young pinoys who are happy to have close encounters with farang, just for the fun of it. Being able to communicate in English brings these contacts to a whole new level. Cebu prices for hotels, etc., are reasonable.

But all of this is second hand info. The Philippines is not that far out of the way. Give Cebu island a try. GayRomeo has 7,000 guys living there!

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