Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

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Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

Post by fountainhall » Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:28 am

Singapore is hardly a gay paradise, no matter the stunning eye candy that can be seen all around the island nation. The government retains on its statute books the notorious old colonial anti-sodomy law, Section 377A. While the present government run by Lee Kwan Yew's son has stated it will not act on the law, neither will it repeal the law. Nor will it permit any form of Gay Pride Parade.

Ten years ago, though, it did permit an annual gay celebration event to be held in a small park. Known as Pink Dot, this became so popular with 25,000 or so attendees in 2016 that the government decided the time had come to clip its wings. Having gathered a lot of major international sponsors over the years, without warning it informed the organisers that in future not only would foreign sponsors be banned, foreigners themselves would be banned from attending. Now you need to show your Singapore ID card to gain admittance to the park.

That did not deter the organisers, though, An appeal to local businesses saw their fund raising target beaten in record time.

Over the last year there have been rumours in Singapore that being gay might be closer to the ruling family than thought. Just before this year's Pink Dot, Lew Kwan Yew's grandson and nephew of the present Prime Minister finally came out as gay. 31-year old Li Huang-wu and his 27-year old partner Heng Yi-rui came out publicly before this year's Pink Dot party.

The founder of Singapore alongside his grandson Huang-wu with his partner
Photo: Out in Singapore

This has led to more pressure on the government to repeal Section 377A. In the meantime, last week-end's Pink Dot celebrated its 10th anniversary with 10 declarations for full equality of the LGBT community. As in past years, after dark torches were used to create a sign visible against Singapore's skyline - WE ARE READY.

Photo: Straits Times/Song Tao

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Re: Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

Post by Jun » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:38 am

fountainhall wrote:foreigners themselves would be banned from attending
Amazing how an advanced, educated and generally enlightened country can be so backward on specific issues.

They are way ahead of the government of my country on basics like economic policy, law & order and running the nation's finances in a sustainable manner.

Yet, they demonstrate racism and homophobia, on some minor matter where the government has no business interfering.

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Re: Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

Post by fedssocr1 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:25 am

It is somewhat surprising...but most Asian societies are quite conservative. I suppose that is changing over time though as people are more exposed to other ideas. This coming out is certainly important given how much influence and power this particular family has.

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Re: Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

Post by Gaybutton » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:50 am

fedssocr1 wrote:most Asian societies are quite conservative.
I think Thailand is the most liberal of them all, considering lady-boys are recognized as a third sex.

It has been my experience that even many of the Thai boys who engage in gay sex do not consider themselves gay, but instead make little or no distinction between gay sex and heterosexual sex - akin to that old saw, "If it feels good, do it."

Most Thais I know, young and old, couldn't care less whether a person is gay, heterosexual, or not. I only wish the rest of the world had a similar point of view. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but I truly believe, sooner or later, that day will come.

And regarding the popular belief that the only interest young Thai boys have in us old farang is money - while that is definitely the case for many of them, especially the bar boys, based on my own experience, the idea that such an attitude applies to all of the young Thai boys - BULLSHIT! I don't even bother with bar boys anymore.

I'm going to stay right where I am as long as Thailand is willing to have me.

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Re: Gay Shock in Singapore: Lee Kwan Yew's Grandson Comes Out of the Closet

Post by thewayhelooks » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:19 pm

Singapore had too many Christian fundamentalists in government and too many churches with ties to American evangelicals. One step forward and three steps back.

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