Dame June Whitfield from AbFab Dies at 93

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#1 Dame June Whitfield from AbFab Dies at 93

Post by fountainhall » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:45 pm

It was one of the iconic 1990s TV series. Absolutely Fabulous depended on the ditsy comedy of Edina, played by Jennifer Saunders, and her "Bolly" drinking chum Patsy, played by the divine Joanna Lumley. But June Whitfield playing the "straight" foil as Edina's dotty mother was an equally essential part of the success of that series.

My memory of Dame June go way back to my childhood. She was a regular on a number of BBC radio comedy programmes starting with "Take it From Here", as well as appearing with stars like Tony Hancock, Dick Emery and Benny Hill. On the silver screen she was a regular in the "Carry On" movies.

But it is no doubt as Edina's mother in AbFab that she will be best known around the world. Said the Controller of BBC Comedy -
“June Whitfield was the North Star of British comedy. Her spectacular career is unparalleled in its longevity, with seven decades of being a key element in numerous high-profile and successful shows. She was the go-to female comedy performer of her generation and was always in demand from the cream of British comedy. She led the way for female comedy and we owe her enormous respect.”
https://www.theguardian.com/culture/201 ... es-aged-93

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