K-Pop: Sex, Lies, Videotapes

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K-Pop: Sex, Lies, Videotapes

Post by fountainhall » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:37 am

When chatting with guys on the apps, very occasionally someone will ask if they can take a video of our activities. I have never understood the fascination some have with photos and videos of themselves in sexual entanglements, but some clearly get their rocks off this way.

What I find especially surprising is that some who are very much in the public eye happily indulge in such a risky endeavour. At the start of this week, 30-year old Jung Joon-young admitted to secretly filming himself having sex with more than ten women and sharing the videos on an internet chatroom. He then issued a statement
I filmed women without their consent . . . and while I was doing so I didn’t feel a great sense of guilt.
Like other Korean men, 30-year old Jung might have got away with this had he not been a hugely popular singer-songwriter, radio DJ, actor and TV personality. For a while he was a member of a top K-Pop band. He has now announced that he is giving up the entertainment industry and “will repent on my immoral and illegal acts that constitute crimes.” I suppose time will tell!

Jung was perhaps unlucky because he was not the subject of police suspicion. He just got caught up in an investigation into another hugely popular K-Pop star. Seungri, who has been singing in the mega-group Big Bang for more than 10 years, announced he was leaving the entertainment business after being charged with sex bribery. Big Bang has sold more than 140 million records. Seungri himself had a taste for the high life and had gained the nickname The Great Gatsby of Korea.

On the side, Seungri ran a business whose activities included being PR Director for the upmarket fashionable Burning Sun nightclub. Burning Sun is now facing charges of bribery, violence against customers, rape, drug trafficking and securing prostitutes for VIPs. The police investigations into the Club discovered that Seungri was involved in the securing of prostitutes for rich clients, an illegal activity in South Korea. Once this became public, Seungri resigned from Big Bang and has retired from the entertainment business. Really? Probably doubtful as interviewees in this vdo suggest!

All this is reminiscent of a similar sex photo scandal surrounding a Hong Kong actor in 2008. Still in his 20s Edison Chen was a hugely popular Hong Kong actor, film star and singer. Over a period of days, 1,300 photos of him naked and having sex with several pop stars and actresses began to appear on internet sites. They had gone viral and appeared throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan before they were taken down. Turns out Chen was not particularly well endowed!

Chen fled to his second home in Vancouver and announced he was giving up show business (“show” business!) He confirmed that he had taken the photos. A couple of months earlier he had taken his laptop computer for repair. He claimed that he had deleted all compromising material before doing so. The repair technician was eventually sent to jail. A total of ten arrests were made in three countries for distributing material unlawfully.

Chen immediately lost all his commercial endorsements. A role in the Batman move “The Dark Knight” was downgraded to a brief cameo appearance. When Chen finally returned to Hong Kong and held a media Conference, 100 police were present. Triads had reportedly offered US$65,000 to anyone who hacked off his hand. Chen is now back in the public spotlight but running a small fashion empire from his Los Angeles home.

One wonders when those in the public eye will finally take on board that line from Peter, Paul and Mary’s hit song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?) -
When will they ever learn?

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