Chinatown God of Wealth Hostel

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#1 Chinatown God of Wealth Hostel

Post by thewayhelooks » Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:00 am

Yes, that red and gold place at the head of the main soi in Jomtien Complex. Whether the restaurant has the same name as the hostel is unclear. Nothing indicated any other name. We had dinner there last night. The menu was extensive, at least half of it seafood, but for me a disappointment. So many basic Chinese dishes were missing. I ended up with spicy chicken which was pieces of chicken, green capsicum and chili and a bowl of rice. Other dishes listed were not available. I was told the restaurant will be fully operational on the 28th.

After I finished my main course, I was offered some dim sums which I would have appreciated at the start of the meal. I didn't know they had them til the trolley was wheeled around. Not a great selection there either. The prices are reasonable, my main was B150, but fine dining it is not. Note the men's and women's toilets are all in the same room. A male and female cubicle side by side and a second female cubicle by the wash basin. There is plenty of room in the restaurant but with just three tables in use last night, it was very noisy. The farangs at a table for eight.

Overall, I'm not in a hurry to go back but I may give it another try in a month or so when hopefully, things will have improved.

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#2 Re: Chinatown God of Wealth Hostel

Post by lvdkeyes » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:21 pm

We tried it the other night. Hot and sour soup was neither hot nor sour and was thin like wonton soup. Wonton soup was bland and tasteless. Sweet and sour chicken was not sweet or sour with no vegetables, only chicken and peanuts in a flavorless gravy. Garlic prawns were not the fried variety we expected, but rather steamed with a sauce that was only slightly garlicky. We ordered cold chrysanthemum tea to drink. After about 10 minutes the waiter asked if we wanted it sweet or not. We said sweet. It never arrived, so we had water instead. The place was not busy, only 2 other tables were occupied. All in all, it was a very disappointing experience. We will not be going back.

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