Message from TransferWise concerning Corona virus

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Message from TransferWise concerning Corona virus

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TransferWise sent the following. To me it seems like they are saying in some cases transfers and direct deposits might take a day or two longer than usual, but other than that there is nothing to worry about regarding TransferWise.

We know you’re getting a lot of these emails, and we hesitate to add to the pile. But we also know it’s important for people to move and manage their money around the world right now, so we wanted to let you know: TransferWise is running as normal.

We’re fortunate to be an online service
We don’t have physical branches or deliveries. You can continue to send, spend, receive, and convert money as you always do.

We’re busy doing what we usually do
We've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, helping even more customers than usual manage their money as they adjust to the new normal. We continue to support the 1,200+ different currency combinations we always have, and we’re working to add more.

But we’re all working remotely, which is bound to complicate things a little
Some of our work depends on human interaction, so while we’re working remotely from each other, it’s possible transfers might be a bit slower here and there. Customer service might not be as fast as you’re used to, and debit card deliveries might be more difficult than normal. We appreciate you bearing with us in those cases.

You can find an update from the team on our blog
You can read more about how we’re handling the coronavirus pandemic in this message from Kristo and the team.

We hope it won’t be long till we’re all back to living our international lives to the fullest. Until then, stay safe.


The TransferWise Team

Here is their update:

An update on coronavirus — from all of us at TransferWise

Right now, people really need to be able to move and manage their money around the world to support each other.

So we wanted to update you on what you can expect from TransferWise.

We don’t expect a disruption to our service

We’re an online service, with no physical branches or deliveries — so you can send, spend, receive, and convert currencies as normal.

Remote working has always been part of our company culture, so we’re already set up to be operational for the long term.

We’re working with our regulators, including the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), others in the US and around the world, to make sure we have the best possible plans in place.

We’re ready if anything changes

We’ll be closely monitoring whether there are challenges delivering money to particular countries or specific banks.

Notifications in the TransferWise app and website will tell you if your transfer is likely to be delayed.

All our employees are working from home to protect their own and their communities’ health — we’re fortunate to be able to do this.

I know the coming months will be tough for many businesses, so I don’t say the following lightly:

At TransferWise, we’ve worked hard to build a sustainable company with strong financial foundations. It’s our number one priority to keep your money moving, and we’re in a good position to make that happen with as little disruption as possible.

I hope it won’t be long till we’re all back to living our international lives to the fullest. Until then, stay safe.

And as always — onwards,

Kristo and the TransferWise Team

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Re: Message from TransferWise concerning Corona virus

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I got the same message.

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