Benefits of Isolation

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Benefits of Isolation

Post by Dodger »

I've always believed that hidden behind every disappointment in life is a golden opportunity, and the isolation I'm faced with is no exception.

Less Commercialism:

In the last 30 days of isolation Jai and I have spent half the money we normally do by being restricted from contributing to commercialism, and at the same time, have all the things we “really need”. Being forced to get back to the basics has resulted in a substantial increase in our savings, and the residual benefits will include not allowing commercialism to impact our lifestyles as much when this pandemic is over. (Note, that Jai and I decided to isolate several weeks before the government mandated this).

Increased Self-Reliance:

By increased self-reliance, I mean being less dependent on other people, places, and things, in order to get things done. Before being isolated I relied on things like; the fitness center to keep me fit, Dairy Queen for my favorite ice cream milk shakes (I’m addicted), the barber shop to keep my hair groomed, and the car wash to keep the truck shiny. Now, I’ve purchased my own weight set to keep fit at home, my own mix-master to make my own ice cream milk shakes, an electric hair trimmer and shears to cut my own hair, and a garden hose that’s now connect to Jai’s house to wash my own truck. With the exception of cutting my own hair, the other things are working out just fine. I do rely on Jai for my haircuts. He’s afraid I’ll cut my ears off. There’s no reason not to continue doing these things myself after isolation.

Time for Self-Refection:

Self-reflection can be a benefit to some as well, for the mere fact that taking time to sit alone and reflect allows you to think clearer, make better decisions, sleep better, and handle the stress of isolation better. I’ve found myself reflecting more about my relationship with Jai lately. Isolation has given me more time to think about how I truly feel about him and consider the value the relationship brings. Like a lot of people, I think I’m guilty of just taking things for granted some times, but by really thinking about him more, I’ve become more appreciative in general which has even started to influence how I interact with him. The benefits of doing this should last long after isolation.

Family Communications:

Since retirement, I have been extremely neglectful when it comes to this. With the exception of my daughter, who I either speak with on the phone, or do a Skype video chat with weekly, my communications with all my other loved ones had come to a screeching halt. Since being isolated I have made contact with all of my family members, with the exception of my son who’s still serving in the military in an unknown location. E:mail messages to my two sisters have now led to regular phone/Skype calls and the exchanging of photographs. I feel connected again, and all those guilt feelings I’ve been carrying on my shoulders have now been lifted. My sisters, who I’ve always had a hard time talking to about my relationship with a 29 year old Thai boy, spend more time chatting with him during our Skype chats than they do me. This is just one more thing I have to thank isolation for.

Getting Things Done:

Isolation has giving me the extra time to attack that “Things I Don’t Want To Do List”. i.e. fix that drip in the shower, make the sewing accessary stand that Jai’s been bugging me about for months, clean out the walk-in closets and relocate the spiders, remove the mildew from the awnings, re-paint the kitchen, fix the dimmer switch in the living room, remove the left-over building materials from the back porch, etc. By the time this isolation is over the “List” will be empty, just in time to start a new one all over.

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Re: Benefits of Isolation

Post by Undaunted »

#1. Benefit is it is hard to spend money :!:
"In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king"

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Re: Benefits of Isolation

Post by werner99 »

Dodger wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:01 pm
I've always believed that hidden behind every disappointment in life is a golden opportunity, and the isolation I'm faced with is no exception.
Thanks for your interesting comments. I always enjoy your posts; you write beautifully.

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Re: Benefits of Isolation

Post by ceejay »

Generally, my experience has been similar to Dodger's. One additional, unexpected, benefit for me is that I am losing weight! That is partly because I cannot at present go to my usual Sunday buffet (2 courses, followed by 3 slices of cake and 2 scoops of ice cream) and partly because I now know that when I say the "occasional" burger won't do any harm I am deceiving myself.
I am exercising more, not less. Now the daily hour's walk is something to look forward to, rather than routine, I realise how often I have been skipping it.
I am not so good at getting things done. Recently, I was faced with the choice between starting on the complete works of Jane Austen on the e-reader, or going through some on-line Thai language lessons. In the end, I streamed "Carry On up the Khyber" instead.
Sometimes, at a time like this, 85 minutes of cheap jokes about what men in Highland dress have up their kilts is just what you need.

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