Christmas Dinner Pattaya Gregs Little House Cafe

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Re: Christmas Dinner Pattaya Gregs Little House Cafe

Post by 2lz2p »

If I recall correctly, Greg used to operate Greg's Kitchen on 2nd Road (not far from the Bangkok main Branch near Soi 6) for several years. I seem to recall that he closed that location and moved to another nearby location and then some time later, closed that location and then opened up his present place on the "dark side".

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Re: Christmas Dinner Pattaya Gregs Little House Cafe

Post by travelerjim1 »

Thanks GB...
It has good reviews on Fb forums...
Breakfast Club Pattaya

Would like to go to...
But as you say...its on the East Side of Pattaya

I believe small businesses like this one could benefit from more folks knowing about it.
Hopefully some of our fellas with transportation can give it a try.


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Re: Christmas Dinner Pattaya Gregs Little House Cafe

Post by Gaybutton »

Guess what - curiosity got the better of me and since it is less than a 5 minute drive for me, this evening I tried it.

I was very pleasantly surprised. A very nice little place, much larger than I expected. Plenty of parking behind the restaurant.

It turns out the owner is Greg, from Greg's Kitchen. I asked him how he ended up out here on "The Dark Side." He said in the city his restaurant landlords kept jacking up the rent. Between that and the strong baht he just couldn't afford to stay in the city anymore. He said he has been open at this location for about a year. And Geezer, he remembers you.

He has a huge, extensive menu - many more selections than shown on his Facebook page. Thai food is also on the menu. He opens for breakfast at 9:00am and closes around 10:00pm.

There is also delivery service if you order via the Facebook page. Orders 200 baht or more, delivery is free. I didn't think to ask about limits on how far from the restaurant delivery is available.

That Christmas menu is for this year. I was happy enough with this restaurant that it very well may be my Christmas dinner destination.

I tried the chicken Sunday Roast. Much more than I could eat and everything excellent. I didn't even need to add any salt or pepper. Unbelievably reasonable price. 210 baht. With my drink the total was 250 baht.

I took this photo myself.


Here's his breakfast menu - just some of the choices:


I am very pleased and I'm only sorry due to the location, most of you probably won't get there. But if you find yourself on "The Dark Side" it's definitely worth a try. After trying it, I'm going to be a regular.

GPS coordinates: 12.926907, 100.928828

Very good find Travelerjim.

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