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First and foremost I am still awaiting your action plan and how you will persuade the Thai government to implement it.

So, do you embrace "not being optimistic?" I hope not.

1. You overlook massive improvements in Africa, India, and South America. Yes, they are not perfect, but they are much better. A lot of Chinese are particularly poor still.

3. As a percentage of the world population? Not so I think.

6. Clean energy improvements will do a lot more for lowering carbon emissions than providing all Thais a fair wage. Imagine the sales of big old trucks!

7. My college history and sociology professors best used a "pendulum" for describing such trends. They ebb and flow and the weight of history is a flow toward more democracy. Again, South America, Africa, India (with all her horrible flaws). Would you prefer Singapore as the British or Japanese ran it? Back when the Malays knew their place and shined boots so well?

8. Now that everyone in the world has the ability to record a stomach belch they do not like and saturate the Internet with "their pain" it may "seem" like more, but it is not. Still, I don't think you want to venture into the wrong part of Indonesia.

9. Those damned Japanese and their Toyotas! Who told you life was fair? There are two types of kids. Those who get bullied and their bully...who if not a relative will probably be a massive failure. I don't know a single "successful" bully from my school years who did any better than a steel mill job.

10. I agree, when I lived in Palm Beach Florida I have to say uber wealthy sorts I would come across were some of the most unhappy and insecure people. Oh, you mean poor people don't you? They cannot be made happy. Most just find contentment. They are average people with average intelligence, not philosophers. Besides, (see item six) they would only pollute more.

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Re: Who Owns The Wealth in Thailand

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