Singapore is Gayer than We Thought!

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Singapore is Gayer than We Thought!

Post by fountainhall » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:10 am

According to a recent survey undertaken by researchers from the National University of Singapore, 210,000 men have sex with other men in the city-state. This figure is well over double the number of msm given in an earlier much more general guesstimate made by community organisations. The new research was undertaken primarily to determine numbers in risk groups who could become infected with HIV. Set that aside for a moment, though. If that figure of 210,000 is anywhere near accurate, it throws up an interesting fact.

Statistics show that the number of citizens in Singapore (as opposed to its large number of migrant workers) is a tiny fraction under 4 million. 14.8% are under 15. That leaves 3.4 million who might generally be regarded as in the sexually active group. Assuming a 50/50 gender split, that then results in 1.7 million sexually active males. If 210,000 are having sex with fellow males and we assume that these are basically gay, that means 12.35% of Singapore resident males are gay.

Finding accurate statistics for the %ge of the general population worldwide who are gay is almost impossible. A figure of roughly 5% is often bandied about, although this sometimes includes those who may have occasional gay sex whilst being predominantly straight and sometimes not.

Whatever the actual %ge, it would appear on the basis on this new study that Singapore has considerably more gay men than the average elsewhere. This may come as surprise to the Singapore authorities. But surely it is less so to a gay visitor walking down Orchard Road where the eye candy is as tempting as anywhere in Asia and more so than most! ... -singapore

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