Superstar Tenor Placido Domingo Caught in the Me Too Movement Net

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Superstar Tenor Placido Domingo Caught in the Me Too Movement Net

Post by fountainhall » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:06 am

The media is full of a story that originated in Associated Press re allegations by several women molested and/or raped by the superstar tenor, Placido Domingo. In addition to being a mere singer, he has been Music Director of the Los Angeles Opera Company for many years and until recently also of the Washington Opera. Domingo's name in the cast enabled the world's opera companies to raise prices by a considerable amount. The allegations stretch back to the 1980s and onwards. One woman who agreed to be named alleges he ruined her career after she rejected his advances.

This morning I called a friend in Sydney who has worked in opera in Australia for many years. He informed me the opera world has been rife with such rumoured allegations for decades. Dedicated classical music websites are now awash with incidents of such allegations against the tenor.

The pattern seems to follow that of the disgraced former Music Director of New York's Metropolitan Opera, James Levine. For decades it had been known by large numbers in the music business of his predilection for young underage boys. Yet no action was taken. Levine was too important and "essential" to the success of the business. Further, his agent was known to be the most powerful in the world with an army of lawyers behind him. For more than 40 years a pillar of that business, Levine now has no work.

The allegations against one of classical music's most famous singers who projects one of the most likeable personalities has already had results. The esteemed Philadelphia Orchestra has had him withdraw from its opening night Gala next month. The San Francisco Opera has done the same for a concert in October. Los Angeles Opera has called in outside lawyers to conduct an investigation.

As Domingo said in a statement,
“the rules and standards by which we are — and should be — measured against today are very different than they were in the past” ... opera.html

The singer is 78 years old and still performing regularly although his voice has slipped down into the baritone register..

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