Pattaya's Public Toilets Going Underground

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Pattaya's Public Toilets Going Underground

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Pattaya's Deputy Mayor has unveiled plans for four new pubic toilet facilities to be constructed underground along the beach. Additional subterranean toilets are planned for Dongtan and Jomtien beaches at a later stage.
It’s understood the washrooms need to be built below street level to comply with the ban on construction on Thai beaches. Deputy Mayor Pattana lists Vietnam as an example, saying the model has worked well on that country’s beaches.
But of course all this is only in the planning stage for now. And funding has not yet been set aside. Will they ever get built? ... in-pattaya

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Re: Pattaya's Public Toilets Going Underground

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fountainhall wrote:
Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:32 pm
Will they ever get built?
I'm more concerned about whether they will flood during heavy rains, not that I expect anyone to be out there using them during a heavy rain. If they flood, how quickly will they be cleaned up, dried out, disinfected, and deodorized?

I'm sure many of us remember that public toilet at Dongtan Beach, in front of Tui's Place. When it first opened it was very nice. Then, even though there was an attendant and a minor fee was charged (I used to call the attendant '5 baht Mary') it didn't take long for its condition to deteriorate to the point that I, for one, refused to use it and instead would pay the 10 baht fee to use the one in Tui's Place. I remember the attendant cleaning it out with a mop that was filthier than the floor was - and she never replaced the mop or, as far as I could tell, ever cleaned it.

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Re: Pattaya's Public Toilets Going Underground

Post by Dodger »

The Ladyboys on Beach Road will finally have a home.

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